I’m Doing WHAT?!

What? I've totally got this. Gimme more.

I have finally decided to stop making excuses and knock out some goals I have ambitiously made and ignored or made excuses for until they faded into oblivion for the past few years. This year, it’s time to “Nut Up or Shut Up” and get it done. So, in proper Kelly fashion, with my chest puffed up like a chicken hawk and yells of “NUH UH! OH, I SO CAN! YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW!“, I have gone ahead and bitten off a huge honkin’ bite. Now comes the part where I try to chew.

Said bite consists of a half marathon (13.1 mile run) with a 100 consecutive pushup challenge sauce. Also it’s boiling hot. I’m pretty sure I’ve gone off the deep end. Send help.

I have registered for a half marathon before, but I slept through that 6:15am race telling myself it was too early and I hadn’t trained enough and my feet would surely fall off and I would be an embarrassment if I tried to run, and after all that entry fee was basically just $50 donated to charity, so Holiday Spirit and all that…*blankets back over head, change the subject*.

This year, I caught wind that such an elusive thing as a NIGHT half marathon existed. 10pm race start. At Disney. During the Food and Wine Festival. Running through the Animal Kingdom. If there is a race I have any hope of finishing, it is this one.  After repeatedly visiting the page, telling myself it was too expensive, then convincing myself that paying that much was the only way to actually follow through, and somehow recruiting another nutjob badass to run with me, I have shelled out the $155 and registered for the 2011 Disney Wine and Dine half marathon on October 1st, 2011. Then I promptly panicked when I realized I would be training through the summer in Hell Florida and I have a much lower than average heat tolerance. Me and heat stroke, we’re on a first name basis. Well, shit. Guess I better buy one of these.

This is either 100 feet after the starting line or at apx mile 10 when the hallucinations start getting really vivid.

Who you callin' a little girl?!

Meanwhile in all this craziness, an online community of gamer guys I associate with have started up a 100 pushup challenge using This App. It is a 6 week (or more depending on how noodley your arms are to start) program with the end goal of being able to do 100 consecutive pushups. I never back down from a chance to beat a bunch of boys at athletic types of things and then rub it in their faces, so I got on board. I did 12 in the initial stress test (yea yea yea. I know) and am through the first week. I will just tell you that I let out a little whimper every time I look at the rep #s in the sets I have to do next.

All I can say is that I have found a great running partner in Brittany who is just as competitive and stubborn as me. While we may be keeping each other honest long distance through the internet rather than in person, I have no doubt we will shame each other off the couch, out the door and onto the pavement quite effectively when those “Brittany just ran more miles than you in less time than you can” posts pop up from Nike+ or CardioTrainer on Facebook.

I have 19 weeks to train for this run and I intend to finish. I’ve wussed out too many times before and having now put down a considerable chunk of change for the entry and spread the word on what I’m doing, I am determined to cross the finish line on my own 2 feet. Even if I’m wheezing, snot-faced and crying on scraped up knees.

The course:


2 Responses to “I’m Doing WHAT?!”

  1. Dan March 7, 2012 at 10:33 am #

    I ran the Wine ‘n Dine last year as a relay. It was awesome, at least the second part, roughly from mile 5 to the finish. Running around the Tower of Terror at night was one of the most fun running experiences I’ve had. Great times.

  2. kellybee322 March 7, 2012 at 10:36 am #

    I had an absolute blast. Running through the parks was so cool. I am definitely looking to do it again this year. 🙂

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