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29 Dec

New Race: Gasparilla half  marathon, March 4th, 2012

Goal time: 2:00:00

Bonus: Pirate themed race!!

Day…..I dunno. Today:

Planned workout: 7 mile long run
Actual: 7.02 miles, 1:01:09, average 8:43/mile

Random pairs of titey-whiteys on the sidewalk: 1 (keep it classy, Rockledge)

Legs: Not amused

Morning run weirdness factor: HIGH

Hydration: insufficient

Times I imagined myself running and jump-kicking through a dark and monster infested dungeon: Too many. Let’s just skip that.

Teenagers who almost took out a mailbox in a Focus while staring at me: 1

Kinda. Sorta.

Hello world!! I am back! I have slogged through the swamp of mental instability and have come out the other side mean and chock full of badassery, wearing pelts and tooth/claw-necklaces from all the monster motherfuckers and Self threw at me and I wafflestomped along the way. I have finished being pitiful and hollow, have grabbed the crowbar and shotgun, dispatched self in epic zombie-battle fashion and started being an unapologetic badass. Yes, I’m mixing references. Deal with it. Not saying I’m 100% there, but the montage is in progress and we’re nearing the finish. Watch out.

I (and possibly Brittany as well) have set our sights on the Gasparilla half marathon in the spring over in her neck of the woods. This means I’m a little behind on training since I….ahem….essentially did a whole lot of nothing but worry and be an insomniac for the month and a half following the race. Oops. Whatever. Not even worried. We have 10 weeks, I have done this once before already and (MOST EXCITING) it will NOT be a billion sweltering degrees outside while I train this time! Hello low(ish) humidity and bearable temperatures!! It still feels warm out, but the difference is already palpable and exciting. Then again, I may NOT be running that race and may be choosing a different one since I have bought tickets to go to a Dropkick Murphy’s concert that night. While there is certainly TIME to do both since they’re 12 hours apart, the question is whether I will be physically capable of standing up long enough to make it through the concert. I ran half the distance and went to a Skrillex concert right afterwards a couple weeks ago, but still, I’m thinking it may be better to seek out an alternate race. We’ll see. Either way, I’m aiming for a half in the spring and I’m back in training.

I counted backwards on the old training schedule from the race and jumped in in the middle.  That’s why I have no stinkin’ idea what day in training this would be. This also means I was supposed to do a 7 mile run 2 weeks ago on my first week back. Um, excusemewhat? No. So I ran a few times that week, managed a 5 miler for the long run that week and added 1 last week and again this week. It’s a bit aggressive, but if I keep that up, by the next mileage build on the schedule I should be caught up.

Part of my new routine and newfound badassery is that I have almost, in fact, become a morning person. I know. I KNOW. Pick your jaws up off the floor. I started getting up and taking a walk at sunrise every day to have some time for introspection that was only for me. Once that became less painful, I tried a short run. Then a 5 miler. Today I did my long run at sunrise. That’s right. I left my house while it was still hazy and dark and ran while the sun came up. You can see right there on Endomondo where it says 6:43 AM when I started my run. It hurt the first couple of times and getting ready to run in the morning is very different from running at night, but there really is something about being outside running while the sun rises that makes you feel indestructible. Especially when it’s a little chilly and your legs are on board and you’ve got great music to keep you company.

I have found that I have to treat morning runs like hangovers. I have 2 alarms set. 1 is set for 5AM. This is when I wake up and chug down the liter of water I set out by the bed then promptly pass the fuck out again. Then at 6, I actually get up, drink some more water, have some toast and OJ and a Gu and head out. This is the only way to not feel like my esophagus is trying to glue itself together while my legs fill with sand. I will have to start planning my routes past the convenience store more often so I can stop for agua.

I did the big Rockledge loop this morning to make sure I’d do all 7 miles. My legs were kind of unhappy with me and I was feeling a little sluggish. I went a little harder than I should have at spinning last night. There were only 2 of us in the class so I couldn’t just sandbag it in the back. Ah well. Took me until about mile 5 to really settle in and get comfortable and start moving. Which is when I thought I’d be running out of gas. Whatevs. Chock it up to the cooler weather.

Speaking of which, my mile splits have gotten SIGNIFICANTLY faster since the weather cooled with absolutely no training on my part. This is where I say “I TOLD YOU it was the heat and humidity making me run like an old lady!”. As soon as the humidity drops to around 60% and the temp is below 70, I’m rockin’ 8-8:30 miles like nobody’s business. My Garmin keeps telling me to slow down and I say “No. I will not” and I laugh and speed up. For about 10 seconds. Then I slow back down, cause I mean…I’m running distance, not speed. Sheesh.

I will try to post occasionally as I train for this next race. It’s funny, with moving and school and all going on, this time around training for a half marathon is just the background. It’s just  the “Oh, yea. I’m doing that too, I guess”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m serious about it and I’m gonna train hard and I do intend to set a time goal on this one, but somehow it’s not the huge looming monstrosity it was last time. I’ve got this. I’m a badass. No problem. Now keep up or get off my sidewalk.