Make Yourself

21 Oct

Planned Workout: 5-6 miles, easy pace

Actual Workout: 8.01 miles, 1:09:09, average 8:39/mile, fastest mile: mile 5, 8:12 

Music: Animal I Have BecomePlay for Real, Kill Your Heroes, Shut Me Up (this makes me BOOK), Monster, Burn It Down

A cold front came through Wednesday night and plunged the temperatures down a solid 20 degrees. I slept with the windows open (had a minor freak out and decided to sleep with my pepper spray and the sword since I’m alone in the house now) and yesterday was GORGEOUS outside. I don’t think we hit 70 all day. Sunny, breezy, beautiful. Definitely a day to plan a run outside. Since I haven’t run any kind of distance since the race, I figured I’d aim for 5-6 miles and just go at whatever was comfortable. Well….I ran 8 and only stopped because I was almost back home at that point and figured I should call it. My theory was this. The weather is AWESOME and I had physical anxiety and anger in spades to burn. SO I would just go out, enjoy the weather and run until my legs didn’t feel good and my brain did. Well…that took a while. And then I was just enjoying being outside running and NOT feeling like I was dying, so I just kept going. And not just going, I did sprint sets through the entirety of the run. I kept not feeling tired and expecting to tank at any moment. Just didn’t happen.

This run was the primo example of how much the heat affects me. I struggled to run 9:30/miles when the temp was around 80, but when the humidity plummets to 50-60% and the temp is at a comfy 64 with a good strong breeze…I can go forever and hold a damn respectable pace.

I looked at the calendar and I didn’t think I’d be able to do the Thanksgiving half realistically until I finished the run last night. On the schedule was a 9 mile run…I did 8. I’m still not sure if I actually will run it, but I can enter pretty much up until the day of the race, so I’ll just wait and see. But even if I don’t, that’s fine. That means I can just go to tons of classes at the gym and enjoy getting strong. Also means I can actually make it all the way through the New Rules program, so I’ll document that here. 🙂

I’ve been going to yoga more lately and remembering why I used to love it so much. It’s a good workout and I’m usually tired when I finish, but in ways that lifting and running neglect. It’s the balance, flexibility and control that you gain there and it lets me put all my focus on going a little deeper into a pose than last time, holding it a little longer, breathing a little deeper and NOT thinking about what was making my heart skip beats and my stomach lurch. I’ve never been so upset about something it made me actually vomit before Wednesday. To have your brain so violently react to and reject an idea that it tries to physically purge it from your body is something of an experience. I fought anxiety and nausea all day after that, but managed to make it to yoga and felt at least a little more level afterwards. Overall…not a good day.

I feel like instead of counting down days to a race or days of training, I’ve been unconsciously counting the days since the marriage ended. Days in recovery, if you will, although that number is fuzzy since I keep being re-injured and the true recovery starting line is not clear. It could still be yet to come in the next week or 2 when the divorce is final. All I know is I will try to stay distracted enough to not realize HOW high that recovery day counter will get.

In this vein, I have been trying to figure out for the last week, in the midst of the violent shitstorm of emotions, what it is that I actually want. I keep being stalled. I have no idea and it’s terrifying. Why is it so hard to figure out a direction, vocalize and act on what I want to do with myself now? It should be so easy! I started thinking about THAT and came to a realization.

It is so very easy to dream big and clear, make “someday” plans and say what it is you want when you have limitations and obligations holding you back from achieving them and settle into a comfortable state of complacent “maybe someday when” while allowing all those excuses to keep you from even trying. No money, can’t move the family, the house needs fixing/won’t sell, we can’t take the pets, I have to work, too much to take care of, etc etc, on and on. When the only limitation is my own ambition, enthusiasm and resourcefulness, it becomes terrifying to try to clearly define and verbalize what I really want and what to do. It’s because if it isn’t right, doesn’t work or doesn’t happen at all, there’s nothing and no one to blame for it but myself and my own work ethic and ability or lack thereof. There is a suffocating fear of failure and of having to take ownership of that failure and explain it (not just to others, but to myself) if I’m not successful that took over and paralyzed me.

There’s fear that I’ll find out what I choose was NOT actually what I wanted, of being wrong, not even knowing myself to a basic level and having to come crawling back and try again. Why am I scared of that? Who’s to say something is or isn’t right for ME or that I’m not allowed to not like something? That’s why you try things, right? Are we all so worried what others think we talk ourselves out of trying to make ourselves happy? I think a lot of people get stuck in this phase; some never get out, and I can see why. It’s much easier and more “comfortable” to sit back, not take the chance and complain about how you can’t and how things suck, than it is to problem solve, work and go get what you really want.

I’m not saying there aren’t other challenges. There is still debt and obligations that will have to be dealt with and Self has put on her battle armor and lit the trebuchets, but perhaps the first step to making a clear real decision is to busily liberate myself from all of those things and anything else that could anchor me or prevent me from progressing. Now that I’m not responsible to anyone else for my time, money or well-being, and won’t have the house and all the “stuff” that weighs you down I have an opportunity to “Simplify, Clarify, Economize” and go in a totally new direction. Question is WHAT direction.

In a blind dart throw sort of move, I applied to UCF to finish my bachelors degree starting in January. I know I do want/need to finish it, and I suppose now is as good a time as any, I’m just fighting the urge to knee-jerk, be irresponsible and impulsive, pull up stakes and move someplace new all on my own and figure it out when I get there since being here is so mentally toxic for me right now. I think this circles back to my fear that school will be too difficult and I will fail at it again. Struggling with a tight budget and daily living challenges I am used to and is “comfortable”, struggling to improve is difficult, painful, and has an unknown outcome.

But no, I will be reasonable. I will pay off the debt, finish school and save up a strong financial foundation so that when I do move, I can do it on MY terms and go wherever I want. No settling this time. I AM planning to be a bit manic about school and take as many classes as are humanly possible so I’ll be so busy with that there will be no possible way to think about who’s doing what or whom and why. No thinking about why he thinks I’m not as good as her or how he could do all this any more. I want to get school done FAST so I can be out of here sooner and don’t have time to establish a new comfortable routine of complacency. I’m done being stagnant, apathetic, silent and obsequious. No more just “making do” and taking care of everyone else at the expense of my own happiness and success. Maybe somewhere along the way I can start being a TRUE badass, confident, name-taking bitch so that I don’t make the same mistake of letting someone else’s needs and wants dictate my actions and lifestyle again. Particularly if they are not showing me the same consideration.

I’m shaky and unsure, but I am having moments of clarity now where my rational brain duct tapes Self’s mouth shut, throws her in the trunk of an unmarked black sedan and lets me see that this split WILL actually work out to be a good thing for me eventually and I’ll be stronger for it. I just have to burn the car and dump it in the river before Self escapes and wreaks havok on me again. She’s such a sneaky, evil bitch.


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