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Badassery, Aisle 3.

29 Jun

Day 39:

Scheduled: Lift Phase 1, Workout A

Actual: Run 1.49 miles 12:53 (8:35/m), Lift A, pushups, Run 1.5 miles 14:22 (9:39/m)

Pushups: 20, 25, 20, 20, 28 BITCHESSSS!!!

Car honks: 3

Vulgar noises/gestures made at me: 2

Middle fingers given: 6

Shirtless old man: Informed me it was too late to be out jogging

Pepper spray: Cannot get here fast enough

Temperature: Sticky

Time waiting to cross at US1: Approximately 3 hrs. Approximately

My Badassery: It knows no bounds

Apparently all this rain we’ve been having is because of a tropical storm. Huh. Shows how long I’ve lived here. I heard that today and went ” Hmm. Is it still gonna be raining this weekend?” Unless it’s cat 3 and work’s gonna close, I’m not changing my plans or boarding up shit.

Good news was by the time I got home from work the rain had stopped. It was wet and muggy, but not raining any more at least. It’s time to implement my plan to run to and from the gym and lift. I thought it was 1 mile to the gym….apparently it’s more like 1.6. I walked to the end of the block and ran the rest of the way. Felt pretty good and kept a good pace. It’s down a main road rather than back streets and neighborhoods, so much more traffic and much more disgusting guys thinking it’s a great idea to honk and yell gross things at girls while they’re running which also means much more energy wasted on my part giving the finger and yelling “FUCK YOU!”.

Guys, as a gender, can you please stop this? It just pisses us off and makes us feel uncomfortable, which, by the way, is something most of us don’t need help with while out running. Ever notice that us chicks never yell things at guys while they’re running? Ever wonder why that is? Probably not. You’re too busy checking out the ass on that girl and yelling that you wanna put something somewhere. I’m reasonably convinced that looks have nothing to do with this behavior, though. These wastes of oxygen would probably honk, yell and whistle at a sack of slugs if it wore tight shorts, a sports bra and bounced on the side of the road. Scummers. All of ya.

Knocked out my pushups first thing when I got to the gym. I was surprised at how good the first 3 sets felt, but then I got tired and it got hard. Really hard. For anyone counting, that’s 113 pushups in total to be done in 10 minutes. That’s a fucking lot. I made it through, but I had to split the last set into 2. I did abs (lots of them), I did squats (135, 145 and 155lbs), rows (90, 90, 100lbs), stepups (with 40lbs of weight) and more abs (jack-knifes on the swissball!). Then they flashed the lights, I got a drink and I ran home. AFTER LIFTING. I am such a total badass. I like that I’m starting to feel strong again. I’m not lifting as much weight as I was before, but then I haven’t been really consistent about my lift days in the last few weeks. I’ve been substituting riding. While that is a workout, it’s not the same and I need to get better about actually going to the gym and lifting heavy.

I was worried I wouldn’t have enough pep left to run all the way home, but it’s not far, so even if I had to walk I could make it.  After waiting forever for the US 1 light to change again, I started running and just focused on maintaining a rhythm and restraining myself from flicking off the douchebags. The mile went by surprisingly easily and quickly and before I knew it I was in my neighborhood. Not as fast as on the way out, but a respectable pace for all I had already done.

Protein shake is down, I am headed for the shower and bed at a reasonable hour. Looking forward to the 3 miles tomorrow and getting back to some speed runs next week.


At the Speed of Wet

27 Jun

Day 37:

Scheduled: 2 miles

Actual: 2.01 miles, 16:51. 8:24/mile

Rain: Light to moderate

Puddles: Numerous

Dezzi: Wet and annoyed

After the Monster kept us up barking ALL NIGHT and the coffee I drank this morning lasted me until 10am, I decided to stick with the schedule as I wrote it and take my recoup week.

So, today all I had to do was 2 miles. 2 easy peasy miles. Sounds like nothing now! It was raining, but Brittany was a badass and ran in a thunderstorm over the weekend, so a little wet wasn’t going to stop me. It wasn’t even raining all that hard. I put on my old sneakers, set my Garmin for 2 miles in 17:00 and off we went. Dezzi is a total little girl about being wet and was visibly annoyed with the situation, but I figured it would be a good break from the little nutter at the house and hopefully he would be too tired to wrestle when we got home.

It was wet, it was humid, I had too much peanut butter and jelly in my belly, but we rocked. We ruled, and we finished with time to spare even though I had to peptalk Dezzi into keeping the pace for the last quarter mile.

Towelled off the pup and he is now curled up in his pup bed and I am free to go do my yoga and go to bed without being knocked over by dogs. Ahhhhhh. Gonna use the scheduled workout time this week to catch up on some art projects I have been absolutely deplorably slow in getting to.

Tomorrow is a rest day this week. I’m pretty excited about that. I may even put off the pushups till Wednesday.

Dog Daze of Summer

27 Jun


Scheduled: Lifting Phase 1, Workout….I don’t know. I lost track.

Actual: Riding, ran 3.1 miles in 30:12, pushups and abs

Dog wrestling: in hour 8

Rawhide bones consumed: 3

Video games completed: 1 (Enslaved)

Dezzi: Leashless and awesome

Pushups: 18, 22, 16, 16, 25



So, this weekend has been a little crazy. We have the little foster monster in the house and now that the kennel cough is sorted and he’s putting on weight nicely, he has energy. A LOT of energy. Dezzi is encouraging this and will not stop wrestling with him since he’s totally stoked to have unlimited access to a playmate. On the upside, they are getting along famously and cry when they are separated. Downside is I now have dog Wrestlemania in my house. ALL. THE. TIME. They wrestle on the couch, on the floor, on the bed, on us, whatever. They have no shame and no restraint. Dobby’s favorite is for him to be on the couch while Dezzi is on the floor so he has the upper hand and then uses said upper hand to grab Dezzi’s extra skin and pull him around. He has not learned the “Dogs only on parts of the couch with blankets on them” rule yet and prances all over the place like a heathen.

Shhhhhh!!!! He finally stopped moving!! And yes, my legs ARE that pale. I run at NIGHT, remember?

There are extra walks and feedings and it’s been sort of insane. In a good way…but insane…and very much solidifying that we cannot have another dog and he will need to find somewhere else to live forever. This is madness (not Sparta). We are used to Steady-Eddie Dezzi who is well behaved and knows the routine. Dobby is house trained, but that’s the extent of his training. He’s a wild thing. He’s super sweet and a cuddler once he’s worn out, but he’s pretty much either ON or OFF.

Since Glenn got up with the circus on Friday morning and I got to sleep in, I got up with them on Saturday morning. We went to a midnight movie Friday night, so this means I only got about 4-5 hours of sleep. Not enough. I walked, fed, dodged balls of teeth and claws, played some video games and finally looked at the clock and realized I needed to get my butt in gear and head out. When I dragged myself to the gym, I think I spent as much time standing, panting and looking at the weights as I did lifting them. That whole “60 seconds rest” thing was so far out the window you’d need binoculars. I just didn’t have it in me. I did workout B, but only made it through 2 of the 3 sets of deadlifts. I was shaky and dizzy. I finished the rest, but damn if it wasn’t hard. I must be getting old. Sleep deprivation hits me hard lately.

Since I did my Sunday workout yesterday, I figured I’d run to the gym and lift today and then run back to get in at least a couple miles.  Well…..I walked the dogs this morning and then I spend the rest of the day finishing out Enslaved. By then it was time to go out and ride, so the gym was out. I felt alright when I got home and it was ever so lightly raining on and off, breezy and cool, so I decided to go knock out my 3 miles I was supposed to do yesterday. Dezzi came with since the crazies had decided it was naptime while I was at the barn and had a rest. I figured he could make it 3 miles.

It was a really nice night out for running. It felt cool (how sick is it that 78 actually feels COOL?!) and there was a really nice breeze going the whole time from the rainstorm blowing over. Kept up a very comfortable 9:30 pace the whole way until the end when Dezzi lost some steam and I had to slow down to wait for him. I decided to leave the leash at home today since it usually just gets in the way and he’s been doing awesome with the shock collar and I think he was actually better off leash than on. He paid attention, took his direction cues, and stayed right with me the whole way. Have I mentioned he’s a good running partner? As long as you don’t need to go particularly fast or far (4-5 miles or less at 10:00/m or slower) and need company, he’s your man.

I'm too sexy wait. That's not right. This would be about a 5-6 on the sweat scale. It was nice out tonight. This is how cellphones are murdered.

The only problem I ran into tonight was slight dehydration. I hadn’t had any water since I got on the horse 2+ hours earlier and since I sweat buckets if the temp is over 60, I have to really stay on top of the hydration thing. I started to get little muscle cramps towards the end and felt just a tiny bit lightheaded, but not bad. If it was a longer run, I would have been in trouble and needed to stop at the house or drink out of a sprinkler or puddle or something, but I made it back to the house in time to chug down about a gallon of water and some gatorade and retain my state of consciousness.

After replenishing the fluids, I managed to make it through the pushups. Barely. And with more rest time than was allotted in between sets. But I did them all. I’ve been putting them off all week because there were so many. I had to finally suck it up and do them. These things are becoming a whole workout by themselves. By the end I feel myself using my abs and my butt just to maintain form well enough to not collapse. But they are doing some pretty awesome things for my arms (I’ll show ya the guns later), and I don’t give up, so onward I will go.

I had scheduled this coming week to be a recuperation week with very light mileage and 2 off days since I thought by the time I made it to a 6 mile long run I would be broken and need it. Part of me wants to just skip it and forge ahead with the intervals this week since I feel pretty good, and part of me is saying to stick to the schedule and take the rest while I can. Use the week to lift an extra day and do more yoga and chase after wild dogs. I guess I’ll decide tomorrow.

I am Victorious

24 Jun

Day 33:

Scheduled: 6 mile (60:00) long run

Actual: 6.37 miles 1:02:35. Avg 9:48/m

Dezzi: Worn out by bag-o-bones, but made it 3.3 miles.

Dobby: medicated for his kennel cough and settling in nicely.

Cars that honked at me: 2

Creepy dudes in trucks that reminded me to order new pepper spray: 1

I have been mildly dreading this run all day. The 5 miler was miserable and adding an extra mile didn’t really sound like it was gonna be fun. We had a birthday party at the office this morning which meant that I ate a bagel and cream cheese for both breakfast and lunch. I did eat some fruit and veggies also (we are at least a mildly health conscious office. We do breakfast rather than cake), but I was a little worried about my eating habits since I basically just carbo-loaded all day. I purposely ate a really light dinner and then a half hour before the run I tried a new pre-run drink ala Matt at the No Meat Athlete consisting of a half scoop of vanilla protein powder in a glass of pineapple OJ. I was worried about it…but it was delicious, and given how good the run tonight felt, I’m going to start implementing it regularly.

When we were starting out I kept having about 3-4 big fat raindrops at a time hit me while a thunderstorm in the distance threatened me. I was concerned, but looking at the sky didn’t make up my mind one way or the other. There really weren’t any clouds to speak of…..but Florida can produce a downpour out of a clear sky and the rain forecast only said 30% chance…aka probly ain’t gonna happen. Only reason I was worried was for my cellphone. Everything else is at least water resistant and would probably survive. If it doesn’t say at least 70% chance of rain or tornado warnings, I don’t worry too much as a general rule.

Dezzi might be getting left behind or dropped off more often. He’s not so much a summer running dog. I really can’t say I blame him. He has a lot of hair and sort of stubby legs. I had him with me for the first leg of the run tonight and was stuck doing 10:00-10:30/m. He’s steady and good company, but he’s not very fast. The second half of the run, when I didn’t have a leash and remote and pup to worry about, I was able to maintain 8:30-9:00 miles consistently and comfortably.

When crossing the street after the first 3 miles, I tried to pause Endomondo and accidentally stopped and ended the workout. Oops. So it stayed off for the .3 miles to the house (which we ran) and then I restarted it. While running the second 3 miles, my GPS watch had a minor seizure and stopped tracking for about a quarter mile. Oops. By the time I figured this out, I just decided to run until the watch hit 6 miles and played me my victory song. I did the distance math in my head after the fact and I ran an extra third of a mile.

Since there theoretically was a storm blowing in, I had a good wind going almost the whole time and the humidity was down to only about 75% (This state is so fucked up. The humidity is lowest when it’s raining.) so it actually felt relatively pleasant, especially compared to Tuesday night. Tonight was a night I just really was happy to be out running. Except for the creepo.

Stranger Danger!!!!

While on the second half of the run, I take a little detour to add some distance and turn around. It’s just a long horseshoe type loop off of the main road. This truck loaded with crap turns onto the loop. I need to cross the street and don’t want to break my rhythm, so I cross early and keep an eye on it. He drives slowly around the loop, past me and back to the main road and heads West. Weird, but maybe he’s lost. I head East to continue my track. I then see that same truck go by again heading East now…..slowly…..creeepy much?? OK. Note to self, order pepper spray from Amazon, express shipping immediately. Glad my next detour is off the main road into the neighborhood for awhile and that Glenn was watching me on Glympse.

I was definitely not as hardcore as this dude, but I am equally as victorious.

I ran without music, only peptalks from Glenn and my friend Annie to keep me amused. It is really surprisingly easy. I think it’s because I am more on alert to all the sounds and weirdos in trucks that I tune out when I just zone out with music. I just rolled along and it felt pretty good. Finished the run feeling like I still had some go left. Not a lot, but I was definitely not just dragging myself back home. I finished strong, despite techno hiccups.

This week, I am victorious over hard runs and mileage. Eat it, schedule. I declare you my bitch. And now, I will victoriously rest in a bed of victory and celebratory carbs. Where are those bagels? I’m starved.

Wait. It Wasn’t Actually Summer Yet?

23 Jun

Day 32:

Scheduled: Lifting Phase 1, Workout B

Actual: Equine wrestling, 60:00

Pitiful pups: 1

Jealous pups: 1

Pushups: What pushups??

Dobby exploring the yard

I know it’s been a few days, but I’ve been busy and the workout scene hasn’t been anything to brag about. Tuesday I did go running but I wound up only running about 2.3 of the 3 scheduled miles. I was sore and creaky from the tempo Monday and after going straight from work to the animal shelter to pick up our foster dog, getting him introduced and settled and watching the 2 dogs all evening Tuesday, both me and Dezzi were tired and not making it farther than that. On the plus side, the foster pup (who we have dubbed Dobby) is super sweet. Very pitiful. He smells like a hamster cage (consequently, my house now does as well) and looks like someone stretched skin over a skeleton but don’t you worry. We will get him sorted out. Dezzi is extremely jealous and mad that he is no longer the center of canine attention in the house. He doesn’t like sharing, regardless of the fact that there are 2 people and 2 dogs and plenty of attention for both.

I was surprised that Tuesday was the official start of summer since it’s been so hot already and I thought surely we had already passed into the worst season of the year. As if to celebrate, Florida kicked up the temp Tuesday night and the humidity was hovering somewhere in the vicinity of 100&drownme%. MISERABLE. I could barely keep up 11:00 minute miles. Mr T, clear your datebook. We’re gonna be good friends this summer if this keeps up because I feel like a lame-ass always struggling running at 10-11:00 min/mile paces when I know I can do 8:30-9:00/m when not being waterboarded by nature. Ah, summer. A time of moisture and defeat.

I was supposed to lift yesterday and had ambitious plans to run to and from the gym, but got a call asking if I could please switch my ride day from Saturday to yesterday. No problem. I was still planning on going to lift afterward, but man that horse was fighting me hard and I was concerned for the safety of my fingers and toes while lifting. My grip strength was depleted. I’m pretty sure manhandling 1600lbs of muscle for an hour is the equivalent of lifting, anyway. Added to that, by the time I got home and ate it was 9:30. I know I went out with less time than that before, but I didn’t have a full belly then or a sick puppy in the house. I will fit in an extra lift on Saturday since I am not riding/mucking. I also neglected the pushups because there were a stinkin’ lot of them and I just didn’t have it in me.

I’m going to try no music for my 6 mile long run tonight….maybe. My main goal is to try to eat something a little better than pizza all day and keep hydrated. It would be awesome if this felt easier than the 5 miler.

Goodbye, Comfort Zone. It’s Been Nice.

21 Jun

Day 30 (right? I’ve lost track):

Scheduled: 4.5-5 mile tempo (50:00)

Actual: 5.48 miles, 54:00

Music: NONE

Dezzi: Left at home for being SLOW

Garmin interval settings: Surprisingly easy to use

Spiderwebs I ran through: 3

Opossums I passed: 2

Night running FTW. Only wimps run when it's light out.

A couple weeks ago I read a quote that said “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” If that’s true, then I was really living tonight. The mileage is getting serious this week and this tempo run was no joke. I learned over the weekend from someone whose friend ran this race last year that Disney does not allow you to run with headphones. No music, peptalks or anything in your ears. Since I rely pretty heavily on my music to regulate my tempo and get me through runs a lot of the time, this seems daunting and unfair. But I will have to get used to it. I am not going to quit cold turkey, and will probably still use music sometimes, but I am making a concerted effort as of this week to wean myself off of the tunes and learn to run in the quiet. I have to say, it may not be as hard as I anticipated. I left almost everything at home tonight and it was actually really nice to Just. RUN. No dog, no music, no crazy stuff to carry, just me and the pavement and the various creepy crawlies.

Hey man, I think I see a cat in there...I'mma go around.

One downside of running at night: spider webs are invisible. About half a mile in, I ran through a spider web. Not a couple strands that stick to your forehead or ears, a huge one that covered the whole front of my body. The next 100 yards was spent spitting, flailing and scraping trying to wipe it all off of myself without stopping. I have no idea what happened to the spider, but I’m assuming it wasn’t on me. Bizarre, I know, but having a spider on me would be less of a problem for me psychologically than a roach. Spiders are my friends since they snack on the bane of the earth: mosquitos. I ran through another spider web at mile 2 (only a couple strands this time) and then THAT spider was very industrious and while I was making my way around the neighborhood loop, it made a new strand in the same place so I ran through it again at exactly the same spot. 3rd and 4th time around, no web so I think maybe she got the point.

I set my Garmin up for 5 minute run/1 minute rest intervals. The first 2 would be warm-up jog/walk, the next 5 would be Tempo pace and recovery jog and then 2 more at the end for cool-down jog/walk. I decided I would be ambitious and aim for 8:00/m pace during my tempo portions. I did manage to keep it between 8:00 and 8:30/m for all of them, but it definitely hurt by the third one. Tipping strongly towards the “hard” side of “comfortably hard effort”. I was struggling and breathing harder than I have in a long time. My legs felt good, but the humidity was edging up past 80% and I felt like I had a hungry boa around my chest. I just couldn’t get a good solid lung full of air. Since I was trying extra hard to take extra deep breaths to compensate, my diaphragm was hammering my stomach (full of sweet potato burritos) and making me feel like barfing. Not good. Oddly enough the heat didn’t feel terrible (it was holding steady at 84…at 10:30pm) but the air was thick. Hazy. Sticky. I was looking up at the sky while running to open my throat and chest as much as possible and let in as much sweet sweet oxygen as would drag its sorry molecules into my lungs. I ran through sprinklers and puddles, smacked through tree branches, whatever. Just focused on keeping up the pace. I know I was supposed to jog during the breaks, but I couldn’t. I walked. I regret nothing. It was hard and I made it through the fast sets so I don’t feel bad at all about walking for those 1 minute (which is REALLY short, BTW) breaks.

No pain no gain! Come on, Pussy! Pity was not invited to this party!

Running in the quiet, rather than constantly saying to myself “OK, this is about a 3 minute song, so if I run through this and part of the next song, that should be the time…why isn’t it beeping yet?! UGH How much longer?!” I just focused on my breathing and thought about…..nothing. None of the stress of real life matters at that point. All that matters is the few minutes of coercing your muscles into giving you that little extra bit of speed for that little extra bit of time. Don’t get me wrong. It hurt. I was cursing and sweating as though Jillian Michaels was perched on my shoulders like a demonic backpack telling me if I really wanted it I would try harder and I was listening for the countdown beeps to the break, but I’m looking forward to running without music again and I feel pretty accomplished after that beast of a run.

That last cool-down jog set I was barely moving. I think I was jogging about a 12:00/m but I finished, dammit. I’ve never used anything but straight workout tracking on the Forerunner, so I was surprised when I got to the end of the interval workout I’d set up and it played me a little victory song. HUZZAH! My GPS watch thinks I am awesome!!

I know I said SportShield is good before, but seriously…this stuff has got to be the best running invention since carbs. Worth every penny. Also, I got tired of trying to stuff my phone into baggies in awkward places and had Glenn safety pin the armband I had yet to get around to returning on me. It worked quite well. If I’d had to mess with the screen on the phone at all, it would have been frustrating, but for just carrying it, it’ll do until I can find one that really fits.

It is quite late and I unfortunately have to work in about 7 hours, so I’m going to go finish foam rolling my knotted up calves and hamstrings and get into bed. Onward. Let’s see what living feels like tomorrow.

Andale! Andale!

18 Jun

Day 29:

Day 28 Scheduled: Intervals 1/2 8x

Day 28 Actual: 1/2 8x 6:40/10:40

Dezzi: Microchipped, vaccinated, and worn out at the dog park.

Day 28 calorie intake: Woefully insufficient

Day 29 Scheduled: Lift Phase 1, Workout B

Day 29 calorie intake: Overcompensated and stuffed.

I am writing for yesterday now, because I didn’t have a chance to sit down and write at all yesterday. It was straight from gym to horses and then straight out to friends house, then straight to bed.

He looks so sad! Tell me you don't want to help that face.

They said he weighs 28lbs...he's some sort of pit/lab mix.

Yesterday morning we woke up early to take Dezzi to get his vaccination booster. This was necessary because we are trying to foster a very very sad little puppy who was starved and abandoned. He is less than half the body weight he should be and needs a quiet home environment to get well so he can find a permanent home. Want to make sure all our animals are up to date to guard against anything that might come in with the sick baby if he comes to stay with us. This is a totally separate rant that could go on forever (and I will spare you), but these scumbags that can’t be bothered to take care of their pets make me so mad and disgusted. How could you do this to a living thing?!

Any way, it was interval day. After waking up early, I was not entirely enthusiastic about this. I took a nice long nap to make up for my pre-noon awakening, hauled myself up out of a delicious dream, downed some vitamin water and managed to get myself to the gym.

I got on the treadmill trying desperately not to yawn while a thunderstorm kicked up outside. This is looking bad. I can’t fall asleep on the treadmill……can I?! OK, time for drastic measures. Last time the 7:30/m pace felt manageable, so I decided to push it in an effort to wake myself up. After jogging at an easy 5.7mph for a few minutes to warm up, I decided I would run at 9mph (a 6:40/m pace) for my 1min sprint interval. Ambitious and awesome, I know.

I actually made it. I was breathing hard and was glad for the respite when the recovery jog time came, but not so bad I thought I needed a walk. The jogging was plenty to bring me back to normal…hmmm. Guess I’ll try that again. For every interval I finished, I felt increasingly more awesome just for having finished such a fast interval without dying and then as I progressed through the sets, for finishing so many fast intervals. I was the ruler of that treadmill and those intervals were my bitch. I rocked so hard, rocks were jealous. I was speedy and fleet, all without music or tv (because I constantly catch my headphone cord while I’m on the treadmill and it’s no bueno for my phone/ears). Bam. Suck on it, intervals, I declare that I have defeated you this day.

My body needs a red light and dinger to tell me to stop and eat.

Probably also boosting my feeling awesome was the fact that there was nobody under the age of 50 in the gym except for me and some girl lifting 5lbs on the thigh adductor. All the little old men struggling to walk on the treadmills were not exactly motivational competition so I was EASILY the fastest person in there. Don’t crush my parade….or whatever. I was fast, dammit. Usually on rainy days there are crazyfast runners occupying the treadmills cruising through the miles at their comfortable conversational paces of 7:00/m. *Grumble* whatever. Soaked in sweat and a little stiff, but feeling accomplished and like a total running badass, I left the gym. At this point I had burned through all the calories I consumed (consisting of 2 apple toaster streudels and a small iced coffee) and was running on empty. And still had riding to look forward to.

We had no food in the house and I had no time to procure any. Edamame and yogurt was all I could scrounge up to refuel with. Here’s hoping. I have a sneaking suspicion that the coffee had something to do with carrying me through the intervals and I’ll just say that the time at the barn wasn’t pretty and I didn’t ride for long. By the time I got mounted I felt like a lightheaded, lead-bodied slug and could barely post the trot, let alone keep Val in any kind of balanced frame. I literally collapsed onto the floor at the front door when I came home and took off my boots and fell asleep for a second with my back against the door.

Today, I contemplated stepping up my gym status to total badass by running the 1 mile to the gym for my lift warmup and running back home….then I looked at the weather. 89, feels like 97. Fuck that. Nope. Air conditioned car it is. I’ll revisit this plan on Wednesday when I go at sunset/night time. I did down an entire footlong sub from Subway before going to the gym today. Usually 6″ is plenty, but I was still feeling undernourished from yesterday and wanted to make sure I didn’t drop the deadlift bar on my foot. Ohhhhhhhh……stomach……..full. Oops. Goal has now changed to not puking on my foot while deadlifting. I’ll spare you if it does. I’m on the way out the door now.

I need more practice on this eating for exercise thing. I’m not very good at it.